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As part of our commitment to keeping our work easily accessible, we have created a more navigable website with additional resources, better tools, and a new visual design to support and provide information in the areas of the Embassy and Permanent Mission and Consular Services.

With our completely redesigned site, you are now able to search our existing materials about Sudan more easily – its History, Sites of Attraction, The Economy and Resources, news and the activities of the Embassy in Geneva. We will also be digitizing some of the consular services.

I would like to avail of this opportunity to extend an invitation to investors andbusiness community to visit the Sudan and to acquaint themselves with itshospitable and passionate people.

We welcome your feedback as we continue to improve this site.



Consulate & Mission News

  • New York, 29 Sept 2016
    The allegations of use of chemical weapons by Sudanese Armed Forces is baseless and fabricated. The United Nations African Union Hybrid Force in Darfur deployed in the region since 2007 UNAMID comprises 17500 troops and personnel to monitor all violations of international human rights and humanitarian law in the entire region of Darfur. So far and during this year it has submitted around 5 reports to the Security Council of the United Nations, not including a single reference to such allegations which Amnesty International stands to clarify.
    The ultimate objective of such wild accusation, is to stir confusion in the on-going processes aimed at deepening peace and stability and enhancing economic development and social cohesion in Sudan.
  • Khartoum, 8 Sept (SUNA) 2016
    The State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kamal Eddin Ismail, will lead the Sudan delegation to the meetings of the UN Human Rights Council 33rd session set to take place in Geneva, 13-19 of September, after which the Minister for Justice, Awad Al Hassan Al Nour, join in to lead the government delegation till the end of the meetings which continue up to the 30th of September.


Consulate Working Hours:

Currently, we only accept electronic and mail posted requests. 

WhatsApp Business Number: +41796259894

Important Notice

We are currently updating our website and will therefore temporarily require travellers to send the following on the email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or WhatsApp (079 625 9894) then send the passport by post with a return ready post envelope.

-         Name

-         Phone number

-         Home address

-         Name & Telephone of a sponsor in Sudan

-    Travel dates

-         Photo of the residency permit

-         Photo of the bank statement

-         Photo of the payment confirmation (100 CHF) 


-         Return ready post envelope


-For all travellers to Sudan, a COVID-19 (PCR) test is required at the airport in Khartoum that is no older than 72 hours upon your arrival at the airport.


Due to the well known current pandemic, the Consulate no longer accepts any application in person, all demands and inquiries can be done online or mailed by the post to our address, thank you for your comprehension. 


إعلان هام

نظرا للظروف الصحية والجائحة المعروفة حاليا، نود أن نفيد بأن كافة المعاملات القنصلية ستتم إما إلكترونياً أو عبر البريد فقط إلى حين إشعار آخر. نشكركم مقدماً على حسن تعاونكم 


All payments are payable to:

The Consulate of the Republic of the Sudan

<p><p><p><p><h2 class="ct_info" style="text-align: center;"></h2> <h2 class="ct_info" style="text-align: center;">3ème étage

51 Avenue Blanc

1202 Geneva


  • Visa Fees should be paid after filling the application form to:

  • 1- By post using the following account information: Post Account Number: 85-260601-5

  • 2- E-Banking, IBAN: CH85 0900 0000 8526 0601 5 (Consulat du Soudan, Avenue Blanc 51, 1202 Genève)

  • Please don't put any money in the envelope.