Humen Rights

Since an early time, Sudan Government has given special attention to the question of human rights in the country. In 1992 a special committee was found for coordination between the situations concerned with the matter. In the same year a Republican Decree was issued i.e. Decision No. 1013/1992 that created the Advisory Council for Human Rights. The Council is chaired by the Minister of justice with the Minister of Foreign Affairs as deputy. Chair included representatives for the thirty Government bodies.In response to that said decree, and according to mandate and responsibilities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has formed a new department to deal with issues relating to Human Rights, i.e. the Department for Human Rights, woman, and child with coordination between Government Institutions dealing with issues relating to Human Rights as a prime objective.

The new department with contact and cooperation Sudanese missions to New York, Geneva, provides recommendations, suggestions and report to all governments agencies whether on its own or at the request of such agency on any issue relating to promotion or development of human rights.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Human Rights Dept

  • Coordinating between the mission of the Sudan to Geneva, New York, and the government agencies on issues relating to human rights, woman and child.

  • In cooperation with the ministry of justice the department follows the harmonization of law and national legislation's with the international agreements approved by the Sudan. The dept also submits reports on agreements approved or enclosed as well as the agreements reserved to by the Sudan governments.

  • The departments represent the ministry of foreign affairs in the meeting of the UN third committee in New York, the meeting of council on human rights in Geneva as well as the meetings African commission on human and people’s rights and Arabic committee on human rights based in Cairo

  • The dept perform its duties and responsibilities in close cooperation with the ministries of justice, defense, social welfare, interior, the national security and intelligence, the advisory council on human rights , the national commission on human rights the national commission on human assistance ,aggression against woman unit ,the national council for the disable as well as the different civil society organization .



  • The MoF responsible of the position of the deputy of the chairman of the advisory council position through which the ministry contributes in the formulation of the national plan for the protection and the promotion of human rights in the Sudan.

  • Spread the culture of human rights.

  • Promotion and development of human rights legislations.

  • The execution and the implementation of the principles of nondiscrimination and all segregation based on sex , color ,or religion .

  • Assist on legal reformation based on the helping in formation of national legislation with national commitment toward the international legislation.

  • Participation in all international and regional activities on human rights.

Challenges facing question of human rights:

  • Armed conflict that began in Sudan before independence.

  • Unilateral economic sanction from the united state of America that turned to total punishment which badly affect health, education, and development, etc.

  • Depts. And depts. have badly disturbed all the national economic plans. The international community should realize the fact that human right is undividable package, and lack of resources creates an unfavorable or conducive atmosphere for all matter.

  • Regional and International Intervention internal disputes particularly in Darfur, South Khordufan and the Blue Nile.

  • Support for crimes and human rights atrocities committed by armed groups against civilians schools, hospitals etc.

  • Immoral foreign support for armed groups attacks an convoys carrying relief and assistants to affected people.


Important Documents on Human Rights in Sudan:

  • The comprehensive peace agreement (CPA) Jan. 9th 2005.

  • The transitional constitution of Sudan 2005.

  • Abyei agreement, 2006.

  • Doha agreement, 2011

  • Annual reports of the republic of Sudan relating to article 16, 17, of the international covention on economic, social and cultural rights.

  • Sudan 4th and 5th the annual reports, 2010,2011.

  • Sudan annual report, 2012.

  • Sudan annual report 12th and 16th relating to article 9 of the international convention against racism.

  • Sudan 4th and 5th annual report relating to article 62 of the African Convention on African Human and People.

  • Legislative Guide for the Rights of the child.

  • Sudan National Plan for Human Rights. 2013-2023.

  • Anti – trafficking in Human 2013.

  • Child Rights Act, 2010.

  • Disable Act 2009.

  • The national Commission for Human Rights Act 2009.

  • The National Council for childhood Act 2008.

  • The Labor Law 1997.

  • Emergencies and National Safety Act 1997.

  • Board of Grievances and Antihemalic Act for 1998.

  • Saving and National Development Bank Act 1998.

  • The social Insurance for Sudanese working abroad Act1997.

  • The social solidarity Act.

  • The of comprehensive for work related injuries.

  • The law Commissions and Wages Affairs Service.

  • The Minimum Wages Law, 1974.

  • Human Tissues Act 1978

  • The social Insurance Act 1990.

  • Investigation Committees Act.

  • Non Muslim Marriage Act 1976.

  • The law of wills and corporate Governance.

  • House Servants Law 1955

Human Rights package is divisible, the matter requires flexibility , deep understanding of counties affairs and its need and requires the provision of all needs to observe these rights.

It is also necessary to set no special agenda or double standard when on when dealing with by the international community